Melissa O’Donnell

I know people say it all the time, but being introduced to crossfit was absolutely life changing for me. I was not an athlete growing up and was not an outgoing or social person. I started Crossfit 4 months after my second child and I have never looked back! Crossfit Rocked is my home away from home, I feel comfortable, welcome, supported and encouraged every time I walk in and work out. Crossfit Rocked has allowed me to become a strong, confident and more social person and I have never been more comfortable and trusting in my own body and how it performs. Crossfit Rocked has set the standard of what a Crossfit gym should be, a place where any person, no matter their fitness level can walk in, feel welcome and enjoy a workout with some great people. The people at Crossfit Rocked are so supportive, friendly, and encouraging. Not only has Zack created a great Crossfit community but his coaching team is also top-notch. They all offer great knowledge, advice and different perspectives. As a head coach Zack is knowledgeable, incredibly patient, and highly experienced (three times Canada West Regionals competitor). He is an all around friendly, supportive, and down to earth coach. If you are looking to start Crossfit or just want to add some excitement to your current workout routine, I highly recommend making Rocked your first stop, you will not regret it.

Michelle Hunter

Approximately two years ago I first walked through the doors of CrossFit Rocked not knowing what to expect. I had never heard of CrossFit before so I didn’t have any expectations. Wow I can honestly say it was the hardest workout I have ever done, but knowing this, I kept going back! I have been to other gyms but got bored; you work out by yourself and the motivation slowly disappears. At CrossFit Rocked I am never bored, there are experienced coaches to help you and the …other athletes are your cheering section. It can be intimidating going to a gym being out of shape, older or even overweight but not at CrossFit Rocked, everyone is an equal – you are the one that determines your goals. I joined CrossFit Rocked because I felt I needed more out of a gym. I started going because I felt I had too now I go because I want too! Thanks to Zack and all the Rockers.

Richard Bull

One year in is a good time to stop and reflect over how far I’ve come. When I started at CrossFit Rocked I was sluggish, entirely lacking in athletic ability, and couldn’t do a single pull-up. Now I can do 12 strict pull-ups, string together multiple muscle-ups, and so such more that I never thought I would be able to do. Though I struggled initially, and still often do through the tougher workouts, my conditioning, strength, and mobility have progressed by leaps and bounds. As an amazingly average person with no previous athletic background, the ‘competitive’ aspect of CrossFit (as I saw it) was daunting, but once I stepped through the door I found myself welcomed and inspired by people I hadn’t even officially met yet. The atmosphere at CrossFit Rocked cannot be satisfactorilly put into words. There is a recurring joke about the CrossFit community being ‘cult-like’ and a remark about CrossFitters having ‘drank the Kool Aid.’ Those statements are usually made by outsiders looking in who haven’t been welcomed with open arms into a community of friends and family who have started a healthy living journey together, who embrace your successes and failures as their own. From day 1 members of the gym go out of their way to introduce themselves, include you in their jokes and conversations, and to offer words of encouragement and support (especially during your last few reps of a particularly challenging workout). I cannot give coach Zack McMillan enough praise. His awesome blend of encouragement and constructive criticism is exactly what I have needed along the way. From knowing when to tell you to back off on pushing more weight than you should (leave your ego at the door), suggesting another exercise when a pre-existing injury or condition is hampering your efforts, to tweaking the form of that lift that you just haven’t quite nailed yet, he knows his stuff. His workout programming makes sense, pushes you enough to challenge yourself without entering dangerous territory, and never ceases to be fun and interesting. Coming from someone who has never had a coach of any kind before, Zack is everything I could want in one. With my second year at CrossFit Rocked now underway, I couldn’t be more excited to lift new weights, reach new personal records, and continue to challenge myself mentally and physically with this group of talented, enthusiastic Rockers! I’ve made some excellent friends at CrossFit Rocked, and I couldn’t imagine ever wanting to crush a workout without them. If you’re still unsure about taking the plunge, talk to Zack about an introductory class. I bet you’ll be hooked from day one.

215 6th Street, Brandon, MB

215 6th Street, Brandon, MB


215 6th Street, Brandon, MB